The Teapot Shoppe


The Teapot Shoppe is an e-commerce website that fell into the trap of paying a shady SEO firm to boost their website rankings which resulted in a severe penalty from Google which caused their website traffic to drop by a whopping 98%. A once thriving online business saw their sales drop to almost nothing virtually overnight.

The blue lines represent the dates the site was hit with Google penalties. See the traffic drop from almost 20,000 visits a month to almost zero.

“You’ll Never Rank Again”

More than one firm told The Teapot Shoppe they would never rank again. New Frame Creative disagreed, and began to execute a plan to remove over 5,000 toxic links and to rebuild the website’s SEO from scratch. After six months of work, in October of 2016 the site began to rank again. Business skyrocketed almost overnight.
40,000 site visits
in the 4th quarter of 2016
increase in year-over-year sales
toxic site links cleaned
average pages each site visitor views

Fresh Coat of Paint

With site traffic restored and business thriving, it was time for a new logo and a new look.
“New Frame Creative has given life to our business again and we know we wouldn’t be around today without them! We are forever grateful for their expertise in SEO, attention to detail, and quick responsiveness to our questions and concerns. New Frame Creative made us feel like we mattered and that our business was just as important to them as it was to us. We were told by other SEO companies that it was impossible to rank again on Google. But, in no time at all, their team’s expertise resulted in positive enhancements to our website and we were back in the top ranks of Google. We highly recommend New Frame Creative and are very thankful that we found them!”
Elaine Alexander
Owner and CEO, The Teapot Shoppe