The ads are everywhere, and surely you’ve seen them.  “You can build a website in just a few minutes, and it’s totally free!”   “Why pay a website designer when you can use our service to build your brand new website with just a few easy clicks?”

Sounds simple, what’s the catch?  Well, as it turns out, there are several.  Let’s look at a few.

The number one reason you might want to avoid these free websites is that they don’t actually belong to you.  When you build a website on the Weebly, Squarespace, or Wix platform, on their servers, what happens if you want to move that website later to another host or another platform?. Short answer: you can’t. That website is built using their proprietary system, and they do not share. Ever. Those companies own your website, and if they ever should happen to be bought out or go out of business, you could find yourself with a missing website.

Another thing to consider is that these free websites are unprofessional. A free website builder almost always guarantees that your website is going to be supported with some form of advertisting. This may include pop up ads, ads for outside businesses, or ads for the company you bought the website from. Usually, you cannot disable this feature on free websites which looks pretty unprofessional.

Free websites also have a limited number of features and are extremely limited in their design options. There are always a few things you can customize, but you’re never completely free to do as you like. You’re stuck with their template (which 1000 other businesses just like yours are likely already using) and those templates aren’t meant to be heavily customized. So you saw a cool new feature on a competitor’s website and you would like to implement it?  You’re likely out of luck.

These are just a few of the many reasons why choosing a free website may not be a good choice for your business. There are some cases where a simple free site may be a better choice than hiring a professional website designer (maybe you need just a simple one page site and you don’t really care if it’s a template), but in most cases, hiring a professional web designer is going to yield a much better finished website design.

While New Frame Creative isn’t in the business of building websites for free, we would love to talk to you about building something completely custom and results driven for your business or organization. Our clients love working with us, and our websites look fantastic and generate great results for our clients. As one of our clients succinctly put it: “My new website design from New Frame Creative makes the phone ring.”

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