Project Description

Knoxville Leadership Foundation


Knoxville Leadership Foundation (KLF) serves the Knoxville area by connecting communities of resource with communities of need, while reconciling people to Jesus Christ and to each other. KLF encompasses multiple initiatives such as: Amachi, Compassion Coalition, Flenniken Landing, Homebuyer Readiness, KnoxWorx, Neighborhood Housing, Operation Backyard, Southeastern Housing Foundation and The Regas Building.

KLF approached New Frame Creative with an outdated website and a barrier, the community and site users were not understanding what KLF was in reference to their many initiatives. With no common thread connecting their initiatives to their organization, New Frame Creative worked alongside the KLF team to align their branding, messaging and navigation of a new site.

A brand new network of websites was created for Knoxville Leadership Foundation utilizing WordPress Multisite. The Multisite framework gives KLF the ability to update and manage all of their websites at once. With just one username and password, site administrators are able to access all of the nonprofit’s network of websites from a single drop-down menu. Site administrators can quickly access shared plugins, themes, and additional features.

The new sites, 11 total, were streamlined to include specific information for each initiative including but not limited to: forms, success stories, initiative specific event calendars, password protected pages, galleries and many other features.

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