CITYVIEW Magazine VIDEO PRODUCTION In 2022 and again in 2023, New Frame has partnered with City View Magazine to create these promotional videos for their annual Top Chef's competition! We've filmed at such amazing restaurants as the Oliver Royale, Lonesome Dove, Seasons, Tako Taco, Point B, and many more. Here's [...]

Campaign Ad for Judge Chuck Cerny


Campaign Ad for Judge Chuck Cerny VIDEO PRODUCTION New Frame Creative directed and edited this campaign commercial for Knox County Sessions Court Judge Chuck Cerny. We're not saying this is the reason, but after creating this video, Judge Cerny did win in a landslide. We'll just leave it at that. [...]

Explore Oak Ridge


Katie the Calutron Girl VIDEO PRODUCTION "Katie the Calutron Girl" is a series of original videos written and produced by New Frame Creative in conjunction with Explore Oak Ridge to share the history, sights, and sounds of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This series won the 2022 Excellence in Tourism Award for [...]

Change Center


Change Center Promo VIDEO PRODUCTION New Frame loves helping non profit organizations tell their story. When the incredible Knoxville organization The Change Center asked us to help them create a video to introduce the community to the work they are doing in our community, we jumped at the chance. Our fearless [...]



Weigel's Dippin' Chicken Commercial VIDEO PRODUCTION Television commercial created to air on local television for Weigel's stores to introduce their new hand breaded chicken tenders to the Knoxville market. This commercial required a significant amount of graphic design and visual effect work to create the "Chicken Tender" app seen on the [...]



Johnson University VIDEO PRODUCTION Recruitment video for Johnson University focused on the theme 'Half'. Lots of fun practical gags and jokes throughout the script on this one. New Frame had a great time seeing this project through from concept to delivery! [...]



ABA Interventions VIDEO PRODUCTION Organizational overview video for ABA Interventions in Knoxville, TN. ABA Interventions specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and parent training for families with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental/intellectual disabilities.



Weigel's VIDEO PRODUCTION Promotional video for Weigel's Limited Edition Orange Creamsicle Milk. New Frame Creative handled original concept, scriptwriting, location scouting, casting, filming, and editing for the Weigel's Flavored Milk series.